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Unlock in-demand business careers through personalized attention, real-world experience, and vast technology resources delivered uniquely at Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Join a network of 25,000 alumni worldwide.

  • Real-world business experience for top job outcomes.

  • F-1 STEM OPT qualified programs for International Students.

  • 24-Month work extension allows eligible international students to work up to 3 years in the U.S.


First Hand Experiences

Hear from Saunders Graduate Students.

International Support

As an international student you get a wealth of resources and will feel at home with over 2,400 international students on campus from over 100 countries. With over 200 student clubs to choose from you will be sure to find activities that meet your interests. And offices including International Student Services, Study Abroad, International Scholarships and Fellowships, and English Language Center give you’re the support and confidence to succeed at RIT.

These Master of Science (MS) programs deliver specialized business skills for high-demand careers and are F1 STEM OPT qualified to allow international students to work up to 24-months after graduation.

MS of Business Analytics (also offered online)
Generate insight and boost profit

Master data analytics to manage data and drive business results.

MS of Computational Finance
The rocket scientists of wall street
Technology, math and business join forces in an exciting degree.

MS of Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
The next generation of makers and doers
Identifying today’s problems to deliver tomorrow’s solutions.

MS of Global Supply Chain Management
Become an engineer of business in the global supply chain system
Gain a competitive edge in a high-demand market.

Visit our full list of in-demand graduate programsincluding our Master of Business Administration (MBA)which is currently under review for STEM certification. With a Saunders MBA, you create your brand to achieve success by choosing elective courses across all nine RIT colleges to create your own areas of specialization.

International students receiving a graduate degree in this program qualify to apply for a 24-month work extension to their OPT (Optional Practical Training) period. This extension means that students could be eligible for up to three years of work in the United States.

The extension is exclusive to qualifying STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) focused programs. This program qualifies for an F-1 OPT STEM Extension in the 2012 STEM-Designated Degree Program List published by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. For more information please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) webpages: Understanding F-1 OPT Requirements and Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students (STEM OPT).

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Create your brand to achieve success

Access courses from across all of nine RIT colleges to create your own concentration and choose electives.

MBA in Accounting
The universal language for business
Open the door to any business with a focus on technology found only at RIT.

Executive MBA (also offered online)
How will you be transformed?

The Executive MBA program can be taken fully online or on campus and features a one-week international consulting trip, designed for working professionals with over 6 years of experience and follow a separate curriculum.

MS of Accounting
360 degrees of business success
The one degree that opens the door to succeed in any business.

MS of Finance
Deliver financial confidence and inspire success

Applied, real-world experience to manage assets and investments.

MS of Hospitality and Tourism (also offered online)
Join the vanguard of hospitality, service management, and tourism leaders
Investigate how to deliver outstanding leadership within the service industry.

MS of Human Resource Development (also offered online)
Gain the skills to effectively manage human capital
Maximize human potential, increase productivity, and retain great talent.

MS of Service Leadership and Innovation (also offered online)
Find the next level of visionary leadership – and go beyond
Learn to anticipate the future and seek opportunities to reach new levels of success.

The Business Analytics Job Market

Average Annual Salary
Employment Growth
Demand Growth for AI
Demand Growth for Blockchain
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