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Zriebic Scholarship Nomination

A scholarship open to professionals working in the nonprofit sector.

Nominate a colleague to help further their career with RIT’s EMBA Program.

nonprofit employee scholarship

Past Scholarship Recipients

A flexible program to help professionals in the
nonprofit sector further their careers.

No GMAT Required

Our personal learning experience is designed for mid-to-upper level working professionals with 6+ years of experience. Grow your network with our high-touch virtual interaction.

15 - 17 Month Programs

Complete your EMBA On Campus in 15 months, or Online in just 17 months. Take what you've learned in the classroom today, and apply it in the office tomorrow.

Gain Confidence

Gain the knowledge and confidence to make better decisions in the workplace through courses in applied leadership, strategic thinking, global orientation, and innovation, just to name a few.

Nomination Form

Nominate a professional in the nonprofit sector today.