Below is an article on DSMS by SlideMoor:

Your client’s seawall is eroding, damaged and in desperate need of repair. You’re probably wondering what the best plan of action is before the problem progresses into a major and costly issue.

Sure you could go rip out the dock and landscaping, call in the concrete trucks for the deadman, refill and reinforce the area, then put it all back together. But that’s a long, costly process that typically requires permitting, and will keep your team from working other jobs. Instead of the complex traditional route, try the patented Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS) to repair your client’s sea wall. Here’s why:

1. Simplicity

The DSMS effectively helps stop erosion and repairs and reinforces seawalls without the typical hassles associated with conventional methods of moving docks, boat lifts, walkways, landscaping, and more. The Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System simply maneuvers around structures such as houses, pools, and patios where conventional methods would not be possible.

2. Quick Installation

Traditional seawall repairs can take 15-30 days. This accounts for the excavator to tear up the area, the installation and concrete cure time, and rebuilding the landscaping. The Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System can be installed in just 1 day, and the installation can be done without relying on other subcontractors.

3. Innovative System

The DSMS is installed from the water in a non-invasive manner. To install the system, a portable hydraulic rig drills threaded rods into the sea wall or bulkhead. Once in place, a stainless steel flange is secured with a helix earth screw, which provides substantial strength. The innovation of the DSMS combines to produce a dependable and hassle-free sea wall renovation.

4. Cost-Efficient

The Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System average installation cost for an 80′ seawall is $12,000. That adds up to thousands of dollars in savings for your client and a nice margin for your business when compared to a traditional deadman seawall repair project. Not to mention the hidden expenses that tend to pop up with the traditional method.

5. Built to Last

The DSMS anchors are specially coated to protect against corrosion and abrasion, making them the most durable and long-lasting product on the market. The Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System can help a seawall remain solid for an additional 20 years!

If you’re a Bonita Springs, Lee County, Marco Island, or Naples contractor interested in repairing or reinforcing your client’s seawall contact Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System for an easy, efficient, and enduring solution!