Brian’s Failing seawall before DSMS

Brian’s Repaired Seawall after DSMS Installation

“I’m writing to let you know how happy I am with the DSMS system you installed at my property on Toledo Bend lake.
As you know my wall was 6 years old and most if not all the originally installed deadman cables had rusted into. I of course went the typical route and got quotes from the local contractors in the Toledo Bend lake area.

Each and every contractor I spoke with quoted to repair the sea wall using the same old cable system and offered the standard 1 to 2 year warranty associated with the cable deadman systems. I of course thought, If I spend that kind of money to repair my seawall, surely there should be a better warranty than 1 to 2 years. That’s when I started doing research which lead me to you and DSMS. After you explained your system and warranty, I could not even consider the cable deadman system as cure for my problem. I have built houses and used helical piers for that, so when I visited your web site and the YouTube videos and saw your system I was immediately impressed.

The system you installed not only saved me time and money, but I’m confident it will outlive me. Please feel free to use the photos from my sea wall repair in any way that might help others find your product.

Your DSMS system is so superior to the cable systems, I’m sure you will have great success in my area.”

— Brian Bristow ,Customer – Toledo Bend, Louisiana