Hurricane Irma Seawall RepairThe DSMS owners and contractors live and work in Florida and the Texas Gulf Coast. We understand the destruction and devastation or Irma and Harvey first hand. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by these storms.

We have touched base with our DSMS customers after these storms to learn how their seawalls have weathered. We are proud to report that all DSMS seawalls/bulkheads in Florida and Texas made it through these storms with no visible damage or soil erosion.

In Florida, we have seen first hand canals where one neighbor installed DSMS and one did not. The seawall section without DSMS shows obvious destruction and the section with DSMS is intact.

We are saddened that so many will have to rebuild after this storm but proud to provide a protect that has saved so many from costly seawall rebuilds. Our founder, Jim Timmerman, designed DSMS for exactly this purpose. A low cost, eco-friendly, non-invasive seawall maintenance and repair system that will protect your seawall for decades.