“Thank you for supplying the information on your company’s technology, the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System marine anchor. This system apparently functions to not only correct failing seawalls but ensures security to unimpaired seawalls with preventative support.

After review of the· information, the materials and observing the DSMS anchor technology being installed, environmentally; this seawall maintenance system is very compatible to the sensitive waterway ecosystem within the City of Marco Island.

In a community with over 100 miles of waterways with manmade sea walls on both sides, the DSMS system would be beneficial and a favorable method compared to traditional methods to maintain the seawall structures by not impacting the uplands, minimizing runoff of soils and pollutants protecting water quality.

Thank you for the information.”

— Nancy J. Richie, Environmental Specialist – Marco Island, Florida

Nancy J. Richie, Environmental Specialist - Marco Island Florida